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1) I offer the following services:

  • simultaneous interpreting from Russian into English & from English into Russian
           (using stationary or portable equipment)
  • consecutive interpreting from Russian into English & from English into Russian

2) Logistics

Choosing between stationary and portable equipment will depend on how many attendees you expect to host at your event and even more so, on the venue.

I can give you a hand with selecting who’s best to hire stationary equipment from and I can provide portable equipment myself.


The earlier you place your order, the better it is for everybody involved.


3) How Many Interpreters vs. The Fee

You want to pay for the job done, not the number of people hired, don’t you? And you want to have nothing to do, do you, with someone who only thinks of earning another buck while caring little for quality?

I will make the quotation on the per booth basis, and the actual strength of the team will depend on how difficult, lengthy and strenuous the job is. There are no two entirely similar interpreting jobs, you know. Even if there are more than one interpreter on the team / in the booth, you will not pay extra for that unless (travel) expenses are involved.

The number of booths to order will, in its turn, depend on how many speakers will require interpreting at the same time.

In any case, you can trust me to care for the Customer’s interest in the first place, and I am experienced enough to make you the right offer. Again, you are welcome to request contacts of my customers for references.


4) Fee

You and I will discuss the fee as we talk. The basic fee is the one for a job based in the city of Moscow, Russia, and will be quoted on the per day (max. 8 hrs, including breaks), or on the per half-day (max. 4 hrs, including breaks), or on the per hour basis, as required. The fee will grow to accommodate a travel or special conditions whatever those may be.


5) Method of Payment

My preferred method of payment is a wire transfer or a card-to-card transfer to my Russian Ruble-denominated bank account in Moscow, Russia. Yet, I am always ready to be flexible, within reason, for your convenience.


6) Confidentiality Agreement

I will be ready to sign a confidentiality agreement whenever you want me to do so.

However, my policy is to honor confidentiality at all times as if an agreement on this was in place.


7) Working with Agencies

I am ready to be part of an interpreters’ team. When working for agencies, I fully respect their rights to their customer base. In other words, I do not steal somebody else's clients.