SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING,                                                                  CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING

phone: +7 916 3000 331


skype: boris_rubinstein
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Hello, I am Boris Rubinstein, conference interpreter. I am based in Moscow, Russia, and I am ready to travel.

Legal status: sole entrepreneur under Russian law.

Simultaneous interpreter  (Russian into English, English into Russian).

Simultaneous interpreting at conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions, meetings, negotiations, missions, lectures in Moscow, Russia, and elsewhere.



  • general business, finance, banking, economics
  • IT, telecoms, SAP, ERP, CRM, ECM
  • business education
  • power sector, energy conservation, utilities and communal sector, environment protection
  • infrastructure, development, social, government
  • retail, architecture and development, HVAC, real estate, etc.


I am as formal, sound and straight to deal with as a corporate agency, EXCEPT THAT:

  • You will PAY NOTHING EXCEPT my fee + expenses (if any)
  • overheads = ZERO
  • no rigorous administrative rules to follow
  • no diffused responsibility
  • no need to talk to someone with the only purpose of getting someone else to do something he/she
           is supposed to do, etc…

Because I am a sole entrepreneur. 
Not a top-heavy corporation, but a committed professional.


I am as reliable, committed and comfortable to deal with as someone of your acquaintance, like your lawyer friend, or your computer guru, or someone coaching your children, EXCEPT THAT:

  • the contract between you and me will be entirely legal
  • you will PAY NOTHING EXCEPT my fee + expenses (if any)
  • payroll tax = ZERO

Because I am a sole entrepreneur.
Not a “gipsy-cab driver”, not a part-timer who may be good but can never be fully committed
– I am an officially registered operator with no other job to care for.